Uncover The Most Common Sprinter Van Repairs In Issaquah And Who To Turn To

Uncover The Most Common Sprinter Van Repairs In Issaquah And Who To Turn To

When it comes to Sprinter van repairs in Issaquah, you want a talented and trained team that can handle whatever you throw their way. That’s where the experts at Pacific RV come in. We have been helping commercial and residential Sprinter van owners get back on the road quickly.

Sprinter vans are commonly used in commercial arenas, so they must run smoothly and efficiently. Look at how we can help below with your most common problems:

Trouble With the Engine Starting

One of the most common issues is trouble starting up the engine. This can be due to the alternator, starter, or battery. Some diesel versions have a countdown to zero starts, and if it gets to the zero mark, you’ll have a hard time getting it to go anywhere. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional technician go through the van when you notice issues arising.

Glow Plug Issues

If a glow plug fails, it can cause issues with the van moving or even starting. This component incurs wear and tear like typical spark plugs and must be replaced over time.

Particulate Filters Clogged

If your diesel particulate filter gets clogged, your Sprinter van will not run properly. This is part of regular maintenance that should be checked to ensure you stay on the road and in business.

Our technicians here at Pacific RV provide expert Sprinter van repairs in Issaquah. We are ready to help you maintain and repair any model sprinter you have. Give us a call at (206)210-1662 to set up a consultation for service today.

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