Breathe Easier with Mold Remediation for Lynnwood RVs!

Breathe Easier with Mold Remediation for Lynnwood RVs!

When planning your RV trips for the year, peace of mind reigns, and that only comes with knowing that your recreational vehicle is in top-notch working condition. You’d hate to be stranded in a non-functional home on wheels on the side of the highways, so it’s imperative to get Pacific RV near Lynnwood to give your RV a once-over before you embark on any adventures. While we are experts in a wide range of RV inspection, repair, and replacement services, we specialize in mold remediation for RVs. This means the cleanliness of your recreational vehicle’s interior and exterior for a breath of fresh air that makes RV adventures more comfortable for yourself and your passengers.

Signs of Mold and How Pacific RV Remedies a Musty Situation

The most obvious signs of mold in an RV are ones that you can see. Mold presents as green, yellow, brown, or black spots that seem to spread across multiple surfaces, and it can be dangerous for the air you breathe, especially for individuals who already suffer from allergies or asthmatic issues. You may even notice a musty, sour smell that permeates your RV air, particularly if the RV has been locked up for several months without a chance to air out.

Pacific RV looks for signs of obvious mold and signs of impending mold (which is where mold could become a problem but hasn’t had a chance to spread yet). Our mold remediation process usually includes a thorough cleanse of an RV interior and exterior. However, there are some cases where mold has taken over, resulting in the replacement of some interior or exterior components.

To get your recreational vehicle ready for adventure, see us at Pacific RV near Lynnwood for a full inspection that may include mold remediation for RVs. Call us to make an appointment: (206) 210-1662!

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